1. Development( Sampling):

We have a strong department to make samples, include 3 pattern makers and 10 sample makers,

we can make 80pcs different styles of samples in one week.

2. Very quick lead time( go to 15 days ):

we have own factory production line and cooperative production line, can produce various types

of styles on fast delivery. We have the production capability to make repeat orders within 15 days

and the production of 100,000 pieces each month.

3. Sourcing materials:

Located close to the Guangzhou wholesale fabric market, we source direct from the manufacturer.

If we do not have the material for your sample in stock we will search the market for the right

fabric that suits your needs. In addition, our professional merchandisers ensure you have a

personalised and comfortable experience.

4. Experience:

Over 20 years of Japanese orders, European and American orders production experience, our

quality is stable, delivery is fast, help your brand grow. Partners: Kookai, HOQ etc.

5. Logistics:

We use an excellent transportation network to transport goods to various destinations abroad,

providing customers with faster information, more reasonable prices, and more stable timeliness.