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Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is well-known for its assorted wholesale markets, most of which come with the biggest scale in China, it is a fantastic city for one-stop purchasing, such as clothing, fabric, garment accessories, bag, wallet, scarf, hat, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry,… As a professional sourcing agent located in Guangzhou, Top Speed Fashion focus on clothing, fabrics and fashion accessories, we help you to purchase and export goods whether in small or big quantity, guide you in the wholesale markets where a few of suppliers can speak English, help you to negotiate the price, control the quality and arrange shipping, we work as your business assistant, growing with your company. Women’s fashion is updated everyday, no matter you are a distributor, running boutique shop(s), or a fashion designer, you always want to restock your shelves with the most fashionable items. Some buyers visit Guangzhou clothing and fashion accessories wholesale markets every year or every a few months, they have a long purchasing list and always feel under big time pressure, a professional agent is very helpful under this situation, spending a little money saves a lot of time. Especially at this stage of the COVID-19 around the world, we can help you solve these issues, if buyers place orders to dozens of shops that will be difficult to pick up by themselves, they will need an agent to collect the goods and arrange the logistics, we have our own freight forwarders and express agents. Freight forwarder is responsible for shipment, customs declaration, transportation, release and customs clearance. Can achieve a large number of goods door-to-door service. Small quantity of goods can achieve the most preferential express transportation.